Fabric Calculator

You have found the perfect fabric but don’t know how much fabric you need?

No problem! Our fabric calculator will take you through it step by step.

All you need is the width of your pole/track, the finished length of your curtain and the pattern repeat on your chosen fabric. No need to add on hems as our calculator does it for you. We have added 9” to your curtain and 6” for a blind.

Haven’t found the perfect fabric just yet? That’s ok! You can use our calculator to get a rough estimate of how much you may need by ignoring the pattern repeat box. (You can also ignore this if your fabric is plain). One of our friendly staff members can then help you from there! You can reach us by calling 0141 420 1855 or email thecottonprint@gmail.com

Please note that this calculator assumes all fabrics are 137cm wide (54”)

The units that you measured in: